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Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival


Auretté and The Polska Seeking Carnival (AATPSC) are band that play pop music through a variety of folk musical instruments. Consisting of a people with different backgrounds and tastes in music, AATPSC pokes a few elements from various music such as pop, folk, swing, even electronic, steady rock and reggae, then concoct these various elements in a single piece of music. Most of the musical instruments played by AATPSC are electric acoustics and must be played in an ensemble, such as accordion, ukulele, banjo, guitar, bass, keyboard, synthesizer, trumpet and trombone, to percussion instruments such as drums, conga, glockenspiel and electronic looping. People with different musical backgrounds, various elements of music, and various folk musical instruments make the music played by AATPSC unique.
AATPSC was formed in 2012 at Indonesia Art Institute Yogyakarta, one of the oldest art campus in Indonesia that located on the southern side of Yogyakarta. Two ethnomusicology students Dhima Chistian Datu (vocals, accordion, ukulele, banjo, synthesizer, loop) and Aurelia Marshal (ukulele, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, vocoder) decided to form a music group, by inviting one of their friend in ethnomusicology majors, Aris Setyawan (drums) and friends in music majors, Ahmad Mursid (trumpet) and Rian Hidayat (percussion). The band's creative process began by trying out the rehearsal in the studio. But because it felt there was still a vacuum in the rhythmic department, Aris then invited his acquaintances, a jazz musician Danny Rachman (bass) to join. Later Bayu Atmojo (trombone) joins to complete the brass section.
AATPSC released its debut album in 2013 in two formats: celluloid tape (Tomat Records, Jakarta) and CD (independent release). In a short time the debut of Self Titled was sold out and received a positive response from various parties. Because of the many positive responses while the album was sold out, some time later finally the debut album was later re-released in the form of vinyl and cassette records (Elevation Records, Jakarta). Even because demand is still high, in 2014 Elevation Records re-released the album with the title Redux.
Although AATPSC had been on hiatus for approximately two years from the beginning of 2014 to 2015, at the end of 2015 AATPSC decided to return to music by holding a performance titled "Back To Wonderland" in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The simple show, which was attended by carnivalse (nickname for AATPSC music listeners), became a sign that AATPSC was ready to play music again, present on stage, and establish a tone and rhythm in typical music to be enjoyed by many people.
In 2016 AATPSC returned to work by releasing a new single titled “Melerai Lara”. The song can be downloaded for free on the soundcloud. This year, Rian Hidayat (percussion) decided to take a break from music with AATPSC due to his business activities. So AATPSC continued its musical activities with 6 personnel. These six people carry the name AATPSC on various musical stages, and are busy processing new song arrangements for their second album. After going through a fairly long production process, the second album titled Bloom was finally released in December 2018.


Rinai Hujan

"A stirring track, it's full of ebs and flows"