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Barasuara is an Indonesian music group, formed in 2012 on Jakarta. Iga Massardi originally wanted to create a solo project for his songs. However, after that, Massardi even more interested in working on a project with a band. Until, he invited TJ, Marco and Asterika. At first, Pandu Fuzztoni invited Gerald Situmorang for joining the group, due to his departure from this group for busy the schedule. After a debut performance in a café TokoVe Cafe in Kemang, the group invited Puti Chitara to join. Before releasing debut album and single, MTV Indonesia had interviewed Massardi and revealed that project single will brought concept to become truthfully of Indonesia (means writing the lyric single in Indonesian). On 2015, the group released the debut single "Bahas Bahasa". Then, they released debut album Taifun through Suara Juni Kreasi which subsequently earning a nomination for Album of the Year at the 3rd Indonesian Choice Awards. Their debut album had received praised by several Indonesian musician, such as Indra Lesmana and Slank' member Abdee Negara. In May 2016, the group held a tour, entitled Taifun Tour at six cities in Indonesia, which were Jakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Surakarta and Bandung. The group had earning Best Live Act at the 2016 Rolling Stone Editors' Choice Awards for their stage act had riveting and returned releasing a second single titled "Sendu Melagu". ~Wikipedia



"The song "Hagia" is different from other songs made by Barasuara"

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