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Cigarettes Wedding


CIGARETTES WEDDING is a band from Pekanbaru that features Shoegaze and Post-Rock rhythmic music since the end of 2011, which is influenced by bands such as Sigur Ros, Slowdive, Explosion In The Sky, Radiohead, Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun, ..In 2012 Cigarettes Wedding issued the first single titled Senja Tinggi as well as in 2013 issued a second single, Tissue Of Quotations .. On the way, many Cigarettes Wedding at the help of colleagues in Pekanbaru, there Budi fill drums, Dede Wildan from Rimakata guitar, Andre Mayora was bundled from The Ericha, Faqih from Solecism in the Guitar, Fire from Air Hostess For Vacation guitar, Olaf from Fuse on guitar, and Ave from Koruporba .. In March 2014 Cigarettes Wedding issued EP entitled Twilight ..


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"Simple, full of repercussions, and very memorable."

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