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From the ashes of Akta Angkasa and Custom Daisy, Dirgahayu first emerged in July 2013 as an instrumental rock trio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This initial line-up had Wan Azry on bass, Afifi Rahim on guitar and Zulhezan on drums. The band first came to prominence with the release of their single 'Bahawasa-nya' – a 4-minute extravaganza of organized chaos, robust guitar attack and exuberant drumming punctuated by intense, abrupt transitions. This sonic attack was beautifully captured in their music video – a staccato-like rhythm of stop-motion filming from a god’s-eye view, which helped the band garner compelling positive reviews from all over the Southeast Asian region. Subsequently roping in Seikan Sawaki for drumming duties, and Zulhezan moving back to guitar and keys, Dirgahayu continues to craft their sound on technical count, in-depth musical composition propelled by dense guitar riffs and extensive effects as their sonic signature. (Bandwagon Asia)


Kyu / Ju Roku

"None of instrumental bands overshadow the originality of their track"

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