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Elephant Kind started in mid 2013. In early 2010 Bam Mastro, also known as Bam, began exploring Western Australian Music scenes. This approach led him to creating a band called SaySky, who are fortunate enough to play in Perth's finest venue such as, Mojo's and The Rosemount. The band has been around for 3 years, and came third on Gozzy Rock Music Competition in 2011. During the period of time with SaySky, Bam has built more confidence and knowledge of what it takes to be part of the Australian music industry, and also internationally. Eager to pursue his career Bam started his solo project, Elephant Kind, along with his studies at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts). Bam collaborated with his sister on her project called Neonomora as a song writer, composer and music producer. This project has been very successful. Within a year, Neonomora, who recently released her latest EP that includes 5 songs written by Bam, was selected as 2013 Album of The Year by Rolling Stone Magazine INA. Moving back to Jakarta Bam started developing his career as a musician. His project with Neonomora led him to meeting John, Bayu and Dewa who then joined Elephant Kind. ? The songs contains lyrics and music that are emotional and relevant to the modern society and contemporary art with commercial viability. Combining various genres from various influences such as; Michael Jackson, Queen, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Sigur Ros, David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, and many more. Most of all, Bam has visions and high hopes in Australian music industry to continue to grow further and ready to be part of it.


Scenario II

"References to the modern day indie pop charisma"

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"Definitely brings their indie pop dominated music to brand new level"

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