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Hyukoh is a South Korean indie band signed to DRDRamc and HIGHGRND. Officially formed in May 2014, the band consists of Oh Hyuk, Im Dong-gun, Lim Hyun-jae, and Lee In-woo, all born in the year 1993.
Due to both parents being university professors, band frontman Oh Hyuk was raised in various cities across China (Jilin, Shenyang, and Beijing) from 5 months old until age 18. After finishing high school, Oh Hyuk moved to Korea on his own to pursue music full-time away from his parents' strong opposition. Hyukoh's music is predominantly in English, with some Korean, and some soon-to-be released songs in Chinese.
Hyukoh released their debut EP 20 on September 18, 2014. They experienced moderate success in the underground music scene, often selling out small-scale venues. In 2015, the band became widely known in South Korea after participating in the Summer Music Festival on the popular Korean variety program Infinite Challenge. The band received positive responses from critics and the public, charting in the top ten of the Billboard World Albums Chart two months after the release of their second mini-album 22. Their sudden success is often credited to their appearance on the show in addition to the band's musical talent. (Wikipedia)


Comes And Goes

"Climbing the charts and beating out K-pop acts like nobody’s business"

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Leather Jacket

"Still has got some surf-rock and upbeat grooves on it"

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