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Jinan is an Indonesian singer, songwriter and producer. On 2019, Jinan started making electro pop songs with R&B and hip hop influences. Being a self-taught musician, Jinan wrote, sang and produced all her tracks from her bedroom in her college apartment.

Jinan posted her first produced song, “Leave”, on SoundCloud in August 2019 and has reached 9.000 streams. The song is later released on other music streaming platforms as a single, following her other track on Spotify, “Welcome Back”.

Having studied art in Bandunng Institute of Technology, Jinan infuses her mindset on art to her creative process while making music. She comments, “While teaching myself to make music, I approach the song like I’m painting a canvas, by adding layer on top of layer and adding details that will give the song a unique ambience.” This shows in the structures of her song as well, where most of it doesn’t follow a standard verse-chorus loop, but composed in a poetry-like manner with the chorus serving as a punchline. Growing up with strong cultural influences, Jinan incoorporates some traditional instruments in her songs as well, from Javanese gamelan to Arabic percussions, in hopes for them to be more well-known worldwide.

Jinan connects with audiences that are also on a path of self-discovery and go to music to cleanse their worries from the journey. “I want my music to continue to develop, lyrics and production-wise, and I want the people that listen to my muisc to grow up with me. Through my songs, they should feel like they’re not alone.”, Jinan comments on her bond with her audience.


Tug of War

"Minimalistic production of this song suits her breathy vocals"



"Refines the artistic alignment of personal experience and her music"