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L’alphalpha is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, formed in 2006. The band consists of Herald Reynaldo (vocals,guitars), Yudishtira Mahendra (Bass, various toys), Tercitra Winitya (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer), Ildo Reynardian (Drums,Guitar), Byatriasa Ega (Vocals,Piano), Purusha Irma (Violin) The band’s musical influences are varied. Their musical style is link to various genres such as indie rock, indie pop, post-rock, and Shoegaze.

Originally named Alphalpha which they took from a character in “little rascals” (alfalfa), Herald and Yudish formed this group as an acoustic and electric guitar duo to create a semi-ambient storytelling music and sings with whimsical lyrics with the sound from the children toys, and they came up with three demo songs, they had a couple gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. And then they decided to save the songs for the later of their career as a duo.

L’alphalpha Began working their debut album in the mid 2010, continuing their unreleased EP at Black Studio, Jakarta. And in February 2011 they self released their debut album entitled “When We Awake , All Dreams Are Gone”. (Lastfm)



"It's like Polkawars's Mokele long lost brother"

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