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Low Pink


It all started off as a solo project Raoul Dikka created for fun while he was in high school. As it grew, the project was settled to fill the space somewhere between psychedelic pop and indie rock to then called Low Pink. With only self-recorded materials, Low Pink has made its proper introduction by being the opening act for Burger Records' The Garden back in 2015.

About a year later, debut Phases EP was released. Musically, the EP has accomplished to give a bona fide sonic experience as a lo-fi album produced only through his modest bedroom studio. These songs led the band to a tour and play more shows.

Low Pink changed its members several times since the first gig. And at some point, Raoul had the feeling to turn his personal project into a full band format where he could share his vision and ideas with the other members. Apparently that decision didn't seem to work out very well. Knowing that move didn't make a smooth progress, Raoul had to dismiss the band to continue his musical exploration as he felt more comfortable writing songs only by himself.

After a few years of writing songs without releasing them, Raoul realized there would never be an end or certain satisfaction to it. He noticed that somehow he was just making drafts over and over. Later on he managed to kept only his favorite ones which sound quite distinct to each other. Fresh young acts such as BOYO, Clairo, Steve Lacy, Mk.gee, and several others got him enthusiastic to make bright and groovy new materials.

Now in 2020, his newest release Dominance captures the development and changes in his song-writing and producing style, yet keeps his signature sparks. Now with a more soulful and pop approach, Low Pink is ready to set a new mark that is expected to resonate with a wider audience.


Keep Yourself Away

"Low Pink refines the artistic alignment of personal experience & sound"