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Chicago based musician Ben McFadden has been releasing music as “McFabulous” since he first learned how to burn discs on his parents’ desktop PC. From his early bootleg releases of remixes and instrumental beats, the project has evolved into a one-man synth-pop/R&B amusement park act. McFadden’s songs sound like leftover Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis material that’s been given a Max Tundra remix treatment. Lyrically, the songs deal with the nuts-and-bolts of human relationships. Never straying too far from the topic of romance, McFabulous sings about matters of the heart in a way that’s fun and instantly relatable. His earnestly flirty slow jam “I Live Above the Hobby Shop” (from his 2010 EP “Oh, Interesting!”) was featured in the hit webseries High Maintenance, coming soon to HBO. McFabulous truly shines in his live performances, delighting crowds with his combination of auto-tune vocals, throwback beats, and retro synth shredding. Unsuspecting audience members are often left with mouths agape, asking, “What is this and why have I never heard of it?” He is the very definition of a sleeper hit. ~Facebook.


I Live Above the Hobby Shop

"A mind chilling machine"

HA | 2121 DAYS AGO

Right Back

"Looks like he's is getting comfortable with his autotuned vocals"

HA | 1809 DAYS AGO