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b. 1998 | ORIGIN: DALLAS, US

The Dallas native wants to be a producer, but more than that, he already is a producer. He has been for years, in fact. He may have the voice of a teenager and even look the part -- he has a little bit of peach fuzz on his face -- but he's settled well beyond his years. Most important, Medasin has his eyes on the future, and because of that he's part of a worldwide movement known as Soulection that's bubbling to the surface here in Dallas.
He started making beats at 12. "My beats sucked ass," Medasin says. After commandeering the family computer and putting it in his room, he obsessively started making beats. It wasn't long before he put his music on MySpace using a hilarious alias he would prefer not to mention. "I was blind," he continues. "I thought I was the dopest producer ever." Medasin may have been off to a modest start, but he also started early. (



"Perfect blending of electronic, lo-fi, and jazz"

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