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Mondo Gascaro


Born in Jakarta of Indonesian and Japanese descents, Mondo Gascaro began his musical exposure early in childhood. Although he is known to compose music for notable Indonesian films such us Berbagi Suami aka Love for Share (2006), Quickie Express (2007), The Forbidden Door (2008), and Hello Goodbye (2012), to most people Mondo is recognized as the former member and one of the founder of the band SORE, from which he resigned in 2012 after releasing two critically acclaimed albums (Centralismo, 2005; Ports of Lima, 2008). Other than composing music for films he also produced artists and bands under his music label (Ivy League Music) which he fronted with his wife. Their past releases include Payung Teduh – Dunia Batas (2012), Ayushita – Morning Sugar (2013) and Noh Salleh – Angin Kencang (2015). At the end of 2014 he started his own solo project, by releasing two singles “Saturday Light” and “Komorebi” in digital and 7” vinyl format. The releases were met with good appreciation from music aficionados and critics alike. The vinyl is sold-out within a few weeks after released. When distributed in Japan, it was sold-out within 90 minutes! Now Mondo Gascaro is busy in the studio producing his full-length album, for which these singles became a prologue.


Saturday Light

"Washes your bad memories and brings you to happy place."

CF | 2692 DAYS AGO

A Deacon's Summer

"Perfect tune for summertime days and summertime playlists"

CF | 2692 DAYS AGO

Dan Bila..

"His ability on this jazzy production is so impeccable"

CF | 2689 DAYS AGO

Dan Bila (Pablo Cikaso 80s Version)

"You will feel fresh air breezing into your face right from your screen"

CF | 1505 DAYS AGO