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Monkey to Millionaire


Monkey To Millionaire formed in 2004 with the formation Wiznu Adji (Vocals / Guitar), Agan Sudrajat (Bass), Emir Kharsadi (drums), and Manos (guitar). They carry the flow of alternative rock. Earlier in the early 2000s they used the name "Lucca" until they take the name Monkey To Millionaire. April 27, 2007 is the date when their first EP release under Sinjitos Record. On May 30, 2009 they officially released their album titled "Lantai Merah". "Lantai Merah" (Red Floor) itself means that they are working on the album until the last drop of blood to redden the floor. Monkey To Millionaire was a duet with Marsha Suryawinata in the song "Strange Is The Song In Our Conversation". They released their second album "Inertia" back in 2013.



"Easy listening side of indie rock"

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