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c. 2013 | ORIGIN: LONDON, UK

Montmartre is an electronic trio (Joe Allen, Richard Kavanagh, and Matthew Gamble) that brings a brand new album called Hope. Although the name Montmartre is the name of a place in the North of Paris, they're based in London. It took about 10 years after this three highschool friends decided to built a band in 2013. Quoting from "They skitter and brood; vocals swinging from fragility to vitriol, atop layers of intricate guitars, synths and melodic bass riffs. The imperfect cadence to this uneasy offering is the beat-up apple mac in the corner - serving up the jittery, agitated beats and glitches that underpin the sound."


Some Kind of Everything

"Restore your spirit back on with this track"

HA | 1722 DAYS AGO