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Music For Sale


Dating back to the year 2006 when the band was originally formed, all music genres have always played influential roles in the development of Music For Sale. The cultural melting pot that existed in Bogor has captured the minds of 5 youngsters to establish and form Music For Sale. The band consisting musicians like guitarist Radit, drummer Topan, keyboardist Dion, bassist Leo and vocalist and acoustic guitarist Mario. Each member creates a mix of diverse musical influences for the band including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Pop. These musical influences give major boosts to Music For Sale to create their own music as well as try to perform their music. Music For Sale covers a broad spectrum of diverse musical styles and searching for a particular type of music that the band’s members itself will enjoy. Music For Sale offers a systematic guide to the evolution of its idealistic way to play its own music and associated with each band’s member own style. No longer attempting to recreate and play other people songs and tired being a cover band, the band approach is to record their own music within a studio setting while retaining the elements of improvisation of each band member. Music For Sale wishes that its music can appeal to a wider audience and incorporate more technically and harmonically approaches to every kind of people. We hope you find this introduction helpful in broadening your understanding of Music For Sale. (Last Fm)



"Easy listening is their red line"

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