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Oh Wonder


Oh Wonder is London, England-based songwriting duo Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht, who craft and sing -- in unison -- mellow, slow-grooving, R&B-flecked keyboard/drum machine tunes. Beginning in September 2014, they set out to write, record, and release one song a month for a year, culminating in their D.I.Y. debut album, Oh Wonder, issued in early September 2015. In the meantime, the band became an online viral sensation garnering millions of streams, received high-profile radio play at home, were signed to Republic Records, and had live dates scheduled for that fall in cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York City sell out before the album's arrival and before ever performing publicly. ~Marcy Donelson


Technicolour Beat

"Light vocals, heavy beats and minimalist piano"

CF | 2190 DAYS AGO

Without You

"Still keep the harmonious and perfectly sync vocal's of the duo."

CF | 2190 DAYS AGO


"A great comeback from the duo"

CF | 2127 DAYS AGO