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Payung Teduh


Payung Teduh was created by two close friends that used most of their time in playing music at the canteen of FIB as well as providing background music for the Pagupon Theater of Indonesia University. These two close friends, Is and Comi, played their music anywhere from the canteen of FIB UI, hangout places inside the campus complex, to the lake side near UI’s Center Administration Building. Their togetherness in playing music has been supported by friends around them which then lead to the creation of a duo that eventually became the next big thing at UI.
Payung Teduh was then born in late 2007 with their first formation, Is on vocal & guitar, and Comi on Double Bass. After playing duo for some time, it was necessary for them to improve their exploration in their music as well as improving their stage performance. In doing this, they recruited Cito as a drummer and Ivan as a guitalele player in 2010. Angin Pujaan Hujan was the first song that eventually known as the signature composition of Payung Teduh’s style of music. As time went by, they wrote new songs such as Kucari Kamu, Amy, Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan. They also played songs written by a colleague/mentor Catur Ari Wibowo who is also a director of Pagupon Theater that wrote songs such as Resah, Cerita Tentang Gunung dan Laut. Amalia Putri, a good friend of them, also wrote songs like Malam and Tidurlah that were then added into their album. Payung Teduh then recorded these songs and released their first indie album in late 2010.
In this first album, it can be said that the musical characteristic of Payung Teduh is like the music in the 60’s with a blend of keroncong and jazz music. Whenever they were asked what kind of musical genre that Payung Teduh played, it was up to the listeners to define what kind of genre that they played, in a sense that they won’t stop playing music in just one genre, but in many other genres while still maintaining the strong characteristic that they already have. (Payung Teduh Soundcloud)


Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan (Live)

"Spacious strings & brasswind that is pretty but not excessive"

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