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They’re not either Emmas’s brothers or Jakson’s great great grandsons. Polock is working since summer in 2006. It’s a proyect created by Papu but consolidated as a band with the integration of Marc, Alberto, Sebas and Pablo. Their songs are the result of a neat and meticulous work but also an innate musical talent. They’ve got melody, power and freshness. They are magnetic and have the musical gift which makes their music atractive, but not being necessarily simple, but, complex in its composition and arrandgements instead. They have allready finished mixing their new EP, five songs that nobody would say that they’re made by a starting band ,but by a legendary unknown band. Bands like the velvet underground, midlake style melodies, STROKES, television guitars, can be considered as references. If you ask them what would they tell someone to make them hear theis songs, they would just say: Hey! Check out the new song!(esta frase la decian los peter bjorn & john en su video clip, pero podeis decir “take a look at the song” o alguna mierda asi ) 2008 will be the first year of the polock era. Hear their songs and prove yourself that its true.


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