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Roman Foot Soldiers


Sinjitos Records, an established Indonesian record label, has signed a new band: Roman Foot Soldiers. This pop/electronic collective released a videoclip for “Waterfront” back in 2012, the main single for their free download EP, Kitsilano. The video clip is directed by a collaborative duo of Nicoline Patricia Malian and Anindita Saryuf, both are know as key people in fashion. Anindita’s husband, Joseph Saryuf, acted as the producer of the song.
The Roman Foot Soldiers themselves actually came together in 2005 as a six Indonesian university students while they studied in Vancouver, Canada. They became more confident doing their act after they got into the big three of University of British Columbia’s Battle of the Bands. In summer 2010, after finishing college, they all decided to go back to Indonesia and worked together with Sinjitos Records in Jakarta. (



"Engaging guitar riff to a strong electronical nuance"

CF | 2020 DAYS AGO

You Make Me Feel Like Summer

"Echoing vocals bring an ethereal touch to an absolute summery feelings"

CF | 2008 DAYS AGO


"A step to finally realizing their dream in sharing their music to all"

CF | 1995 DAYS AGO