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Ruby Empress


Ruby Empress are a young band from Gothenburg, sounding more like Paris than the Swedish west coast. Their delightful cocktail of funk, disco and psych has in a short matter of time given them a reputation as the new redeemers of European indie. This is dream pop you’ll wanna dance to and neo-electric melodies that is gonna melt your brain. When their debut single Deluca was released on Soundcloud, it sky-rocketed to 500 k spins in no-time, which attracted the attention from a wide variety of European labels. Deluca was released in Scandinavia on June 10 through us on Woah Dad, and their much anticipated debut EP is out early 2017. Many seem to agree that Ruby Empress is just the reinjection that 21st century indie needed. And we’re willing to agree. (



"Swedish style of psychedelic rock music"

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