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Sajama Cut is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia known for their changing styles of music, which ranges from noise pop, ambient, indie rock, baroque pop, folk rock, lo-fi, to electronica. The band is known to have come up with numerous explanations for their name, among them; the name of an old Japanese children's toy, the name of Thee's father's colleague, a book/movie title, a haircut style, a random word Thee came up with, the result of the band members fooling around with an Ouija Board. This has been discredited by Marcel Thee.
On May 2008, L'Internationale; a remix album version of the songs from The Osaka Journals with remixes from international producers from Japan, US, UK, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, Germany, Venezuella and Hong Kong was released. The first single being a remix of Nemesis/Murder from the international 8-bit artist YMCK, from Tokyo, Japan. Currently there are 3 music videos made for singles from this album.
Two EPs; Night Music (1923) and Cinema Eye was released in late 2008. Another EP, New Year Ends, which dabbled in ambient, experimental music, was released during the New Year's Eve of 2010. Sajama Cut released their new album, Manimal, in April 2010.


Adegan Ranjang 1981 1982

"The track is a balanced blend, manifesting the perfect dip."