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Samuel Wullur


Having been active since 2016 in releasing his own music on private Soundcloud, in mid-2018, Samuel Wullur decided to be more serious and experiment even more in his fondness for music and form a solo project with different types of music and sound than before which he once made with his band, Indigo Moiré. Inspired by some of his favorite musicians such as Steve Lacy and Alex G, he began producing music using the Garageband application from his cellphone in his own bedroom.
The limitations of the recording device that he has do not stop him from expressing himself through music. Musically, he is not fixated on one genre but he is more happy not to label his music in one box. From R & B / Soul to Indie Rock, he uses music as a medium where he can share and share his life experiences from his personal love story to the worries about his own future. Currently domiciled in Japan for reasons of study, he is also preparing for his debut album which will be released this year independently.


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"Electronic pop covered in gloomy atmosphere with ambient and R&B"