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Silampukau started when Eki and Kharis play together in one Keroncong orchestra trained by Jathul Sunaryo, keroncong figure in the Petemon village. He was credited for the beginning of the two Silampukau singers’ career. “He is our teacher morally,” said Kharis.
From there, they decided to collaborate and form Silampukau. The meaning of Silampukau is orioles, a beautiful golden yellow bird with a chirp tunable. “They are singers in the universe. Old Malay people call the bird Silampukau,” explained Eki who is Ubaya faculty of psychology graduate.
In 2009, they launched minialbum entitled “Sementara Ini”. They quickly received a positive response from the folk music lovers. But, it does not give a guarantee for the diligent work. It took six years for "Dosa, Kota, Kenangan" to come. The songs on the new album speak about Surabaya. The song called "Si Pelanggan", for example, tells Dolly that is so recorded in the memory of the Surabaya people. Coupled with the piano, the lyrics are so poetic. (


Si Pelanggan

"They create a beautifully sincere music that touch straight to heart"

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