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The Maneken is an outstanding artist working in one of the most trendy music directions – electronic rock. Using musical styles as an “outfit” for creation of his music ideas he made several unique “collections” which have found their fans not only in former CIS countries, but also in Europe and United States. When he first showed up in 2008, DJ’s from Ukrainian radio stations called him “Ukrainian Jamiroquai”. Today his compositions are wonderful combination of modern dance music and the broad of pop-rock culture heritage of the last decades from Air, Coldplay and Keane to The XX and Empire of the Sun. Within two years The Maneken traveled half of the world. His concert geography goes from Yuzhno-Sakhalins’k in Russia to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. He played on numerous significant events – he was the only Ukrainian artist playing at the Moscow Millionaire Fair 2009, gig at the main stage of Sochi Music Winter Conference 2010, electronic music festival Pure Future in Trakai, Lithuania, Odessa International Film Festival, Kazantip Festival and many others. His first solo concert held on April 16, 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine, was a blast and just confirmed his reputation of being one of the most progressive artists on the territory of former CIS countries. From the moment of his appearance The Maneken is cooperating with foreign recording companies. His debut album “First Look” (2009) was released by French label “Somekind Records” and thanks to Virgin Megastore distribution was sold in leading European countries and Japan. The Maneken’s music videos are being rotated on European music channels and on Middle East: Music Box Italy, MTV Baltic, MTV Arabia, Mad TV (Greece), Sola TV (Spain), QTOM (Germany) and thrice were in World Chart Express on MTV European. Turning point of The Maneken’s career was meeting German songwriter and movie director Charley Stadler, known for his “Dead Fish” movie with Garry Oldman playing the main character. Acquaintance grew into a friendship and long-term cooperation. As a result Charley wrote most of the lyrics for The Maneken’s second album “Soulmate Sublime”. Album is to be released in April 2011. Especially for the performance of new material The Maneken gathered the group, transforming from solo artist to an electronic-rock band. Beside Yevgeniy Filatov a.k.a. The Maneken (lead vocal, keyboards) there are the best music representatives of former CIS countries: Maxim Shevchenko (guitars, ex-member of “Infection”, Nayk Borzov’s band), Andriy Gagauz (bass guitar, “Underwood” band) and Denis Marinkin (drums, ex “Zemfira” drummer, Peter Nalich band). Edit this wiki (


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"did you ever listen to this "Ukranian Jamiroquai"?"

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