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c. 2016 | ORIGIN: MALIBU, CA

VOKES is the Alt-Soul band of producer, multi-instrumentalist and singersongwriter, Mike Harris. Born and raised in Malibu, CA – Mike grew up in a household listening & performing predominately blues, rock, jazz and R&B/soul music. Through a variety of different touring and band experiences after college, VOKES started as a DIY side-project between shows and day jobs. The sound comes from a love of soul music, funk, alternative rock & electronica. The juxtaposition of those influences and more can be heard in the recently released singles – ‘Cruel Game’ & ‘Value’. Post self-recording, writing and co-producing the upcoming debut EP, ‘Fractalism’ (coming out Summer 2016), Mike formed the VOKES live band with local keyboardist Lincoln Mendell & drummer Garrett Henritz. (eatseehear)


Slow Down

"The music and the vocals seem like patty and bun"

HA | 1689 DAYS AGO

Cruel Game

"Fully loaded with all that is good and great in the indietronica world"

CF | 1661 DAYS AGO