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Winona Dryver


Winona Dryver are Kevin Aldrianza (Guitar, Vocal), Rafi Nasrullah (Bass, Vocal), and Alviyena Inkamano aka Ply (Drums). They meet in School of Recorded Media Arts at infamous ISI (Indonesian Institute of Arts), Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta where lots of legendary art-rockers act met & began their career there. (such as: Seek Six Sick, Jenny, and Sangkakala) However, Winona Dryver began their musical adventure in a different days and different story of the scene. At that time, the cool-rebellious-artsy-entertaining Sewon scene are slowly become dry, dull, and not-so-colorful environment for the students there. The glory days of the college scene are seems to fall. That's when Kevin, Rafi, and Ply are fond to 90s slacker music and films, and fell in love collectively with Winona Ryder.

In the year 2017, they started to jam and having fun blending their diverse musical taste and backgrounds; Kevin and Rafi the indie rock & shoegaze lovers duo, while Ply 'the metal drummer' banging the drums with heavy beat borrowed from thrash metal sounds. The results are fun and they eventually doing more jams, and writing some songs in the interval of their jams. Their delicate sonic delivery has succeeded in bringing them to play in such various places and stages; from very D.I.Y studio shows, gigs in art spaces, and touring some cities in Java Island, Indonesia earlier this year. In 2019, they released a three-way split album with Grrrl Gang and Good Gestalt. (Spotify - Winona Dryver)


Estetika Stroberi

"It's like listening to a worn-out grunge band tripping on cloud nine"


Super Flower Scene

"Synergizes relaxed noise rock with pristine production"