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yabadum is that dull pause in conversation between u and ur friend, u just kinda hear ur footsteps as you walk side by side on that crisp autumn day in ur hip neighborhood, nothing else, good, now break that silence with “yeah, but, um-(onto next subject) yeah butum, ya ba dum, yabadum” after a couple changes in lineup cuz we were young n figuring things out-who plays what, what plays who-now it’s LASZLOHORVATH CHARLIESCHINE CHRISRIVERA ROBBYJENKINS dassit. check out charlie, yeah he’s on like a different level, like a space level, he’s playing synhtersizers and taking u to space, woah, slow down for chris, that’s that dude rockin u with electric guitar rrrrrockin the staggee HOOOOwaitup for laszlo lookathim he knows what he’s saying/singing/bassing he’s bringing u the poetry and now look its robby if somebodys got the rhythm then goddaammmit its him. thanks for checking us out--we love to play sum music and after releasing our first full length ep CAREFULKID we're only getting stronger and more blessed. but seriously theres not much we can say about our tunes only that theyre synthy and you kin dance to em but also lil swingy and maybe its punk sometimes but that make people angry nonono oh and if you couldnt tell already we’re 100% indie so pls get real bro. please dance with us clap with us lets not make the world a better place lets take. it. to. a . better. place. see you in hell !! (Facebook)



"The weirdest band that i've ever like so far"

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