10 Indonesian Music Videos You Need To Watch in 2021 So Far | Article by Indie Accent


10 Indonesian Music Videos You Need To Watch in 2021 (So Far!)

Writer Caesar Fajriansah

Cover Image from Info Pensi


It is May in 2021 and already we’ve had a number of memorable music videos released by Indonesia’s musicians. Setting the standard high for the rest of the year, could these music videos just be a taste of what’s to come for great music this year?

The Panturas - Tafsir Mistik

The Panturas have been at it for a few years now making their own brand of surf rock with several exciting releases of music from the band. ‘Tafsir Mistik’ embodies a surf-pop take on modern rock and roll. Crashing drums and angsty guitar riffs are irresistible enough in their aggressive glory.

‘Tafsir Mistik’ music video shows The Panturas’ take on a vampire story. I personally gravitate towards music videos that feel like short films, the video carries the feeling of a predator walking amongst its prey on a “house-party”. The band can be seen playing their set and dancing around covered in blood.

Grrrl Gang - Honey Baby

Taking a different approach from their previous releases, ‘Honey, Baby’ finds Grrrl Gang channelling the early 90s alternative music scene.

Grrrl Gang tells the story about what would have happened in 2020 if the pandemic had never occurred. Supposedly in 2020, Grrrl Gang has a schedule to play at the SXSW 2020 music festival in the United States, but right after they pocketed their plane tickets, a pandemic broke out. It is full of irony and uneasiness which they present in a much joyful gestures.

Rayssa Dynta - The Unusual

‘The Unusual’ is Rayssa's response towards unconventional love song. The single is released along with an accompanying music video which directed by Jordan Marzuki. Jordan interpreted the song as discovering and feeling a new attraction, how unfamiliarity appeals more than the usual, despite many contemplations. The person is strongly attracted to what she finds different, whether it's good or bad.

This single, alongside the other track, ‘Not Anymore’, are included in her double singles, ‘Allegory: Act II’, a continuation from her previous Act 1 which released last year.

Morad – How

Morad dropped the emotionally-packed video which shows a view of a toxic relationship. The video juxtapose clips of heartfelt moments between Morad and her girlfriend (played by Charita Utami), with fiery scenes that prove to be harmful to both persons. This music video does a wonderful job at showing the highs of a toxic relationship which can keep people enthralled, yet stuck.


There is an obvious deep-rooted eerieness that Avhath’s music gives off, but it works for them. A black metal band which orchestrated music not too far beyond the realms of the genre, but had enough unique flair to stand out as something truly distinct.

They visualized their latest single ‘HALLOWED GROUND’ for their first ever music video. It is a collaboration with Jakarta based clothing brand, Devá States, for their Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The intense composition of HALLOWED GROUND was responded by a camera treatment by director, Mol Edrin, to increase the intensity and density of the song itself.

Purpla - Bunga Di Kebisingan

Latest music video from alternative rock group, Purpla, is taking a point of view from a man’s petrified feeling when he is fascinated by the sight of a woman who steals his attention amidst all the “noises”.

Guitar-driven with an anthemic chorus, ‘Bunga Di Kebisingan’ from Purpla is reminiscent of a Brit-Pop banger in all the best ways. The concept of the music video is presented in a humorous manner and inspired from the slapstick comedy movies from the 90s.

Lomba Sihir – Nirrrlaba

Lomba Sihir have released the “political” themed music video for ‘Nirrrlaba’, which taken from their debut album, ‘Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia’.

Political themes have been a staple in popular music. Aside from technical production aspects and certain musical trends, lyrics concerning social and political issues are the best reflections of the era which a particular piece of music came from. The video for ‘Nirrrlaba’ follows visuals for singles ‘Apa Ada Asmara’ and ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’, which dropped before the album’s release on March 26.

Wizzy - The Light

‘The Light’ is her first single after 5 years of hustling under a major label & management. Her honest and direct self-expression is done so gracefully, that listening to this song makes you feel like maybe everything will actually be alright after all.

WIZZY said about the meaning behind the song, “Everyone is fighting their own battles, and I believe the only one that can get you to win at your own battle is yourself. It’s up to us whether we want to keep drowning in darkness or get up and try to guide ourselves with the light we all have within us. This is the main message that I’m conveying through The Light, we can’t always depend on someone or something to get through life”.

Goodnight Electric – Tamat

‘Tamat’ is a river of worries and heavy thoughts written during the uncertainty over pandemic that hit this unlucky 2020.

This is the first Goodnight Electric's song which is fully sung by Priscilla Jamail. Her vocals are hauntingly beautiful as they lead the way through this celestial track. Although the lyrics sound pessimistic but still, it’s the dreamy feel of the production that makes the single so notable as it is brimming with lush electronics and ultra-chill rhythms.

Blue Room Boys – SPEAKIN THRU

Music video for ‘SPEAKIN THRU’ contains car chases and a heist executed by the band. It is my favorite from the album, the bluesy guitar sound paired with the bobbing bassline, as well as the raw beats that simply knocks, created such a emotive vibe for this song. The great matching of instrumentation to modern rap flare on this album is something that they did really well.