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10 Last Tracks On Albums That You Should Listen

Writer Caesar Fajriansah

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If the opener becomes the first drawing point and often sets the tone for the entire album, the last track is almost as important, as it is the last thing a listener hears, and that is the impression that a listener is left with.

However, the concept of a 'last track' has possibly lost its meaning in modern music-listening behaviour. With streaming services and all its algorithms, people are just picking individual tracks as opposed to whole albums. While streaming and playlists have killed the album experience for some, there are plenty of other music fans who still crave for the full record. As a continuation from our previous article, here are 10 last tracks on albums that you should listen.

White Shoes & The Couples Company - Halaman Ekstra

The last song on an album ultimately has the last say and should make the listeners have a sense of closure. “Halaman Ekstra” is the eleventh and final track of the album; it finishes the record beautifully leaving the listeners with a hint of sweetness and an overall soothing feeling.

Sundancer - Gadis Bermata Biru

Three years since the release of “Musim Bercinta”, Mataram based group have released their second EP, titled “Suvenir”. Songs in this EP are created by Bagus Jalang during his visit to Lombok, then arranged and recorded by Sundancer during 2019-2020.

Last track from the EP, “Gadis Bermata Biru,” is an ear-catching track whose intro really pulled me in, naturally. Bold creativity between the two members has produced a bright blend of influences ranging from psychedelic to surf-rock. The result: a unique sound exclusive to the duo that could attract fans of any genre.

Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End

The song was released as the fourth single from Phoebe Bridgers’ second studio album, “Punisher”. The song is a "three-part suite" that talks about depression, euphoria, and the apocalypse that culminates in a cathartic scream.

There is an obvious eeriness that the song gives off, with the unbearable intimacy of just guitar and her fragile, unbreakable voice. This song is an all around pleasure to listen to, especially the music video.

Seringai – Gaza

Clocking in at six minutes, Seringai closed their 2012 album, “Taring”, with instrumental bitter-sweet, “Gaza”. It is the longest track on this album, but not a second is filler or waste.

The song tells about the situation in Gaza with the instrumental twist and turn which creates an evocative, lush soundscape that will keep you guessing at every turn. There’s always something interesting about a song that doesn’t feature a singer, we can explore and focus more on the instruments and see the track as a whole. It’s so heavy, even without lyrics.

Subsonice Eye - Unearth

The Singapore based group released this track as a single in 2020 before they put it on their latest album, “Nature of Things”.

It starts off strong from the start, with beautiful melodic guitar work buoying a melody that hangs around well beyond the song's end. The single sees a slightly new direction from the group, more diverse in terms of songwriting and it's a more bold sound than their previous album. The coming-of-age lyrics meshed with melodic guitar riffs subtly gives the single a dreamy vibe.

Bedchamber - Natural

The last song from Bedchamber’s debut album, “Geography”, starts with a fast-pace bassline, building steadily before expanding into a comfortable harmonized sound of melodic guitar, and beat of drums which creates a nostalgic soundscape. The song had an excellent build-up at the end, which would be perfect with all the visuals in the music video.

The Adams - Timur

Like a final scene in a film which leaves us runny eyed and full of hope before diving into the end credits, "Timur" is a well executed, lyrically humble last track from The Adams' latest studio album, "Agterplaas". It's one of my favorites from the album, with a scrambling beat, and The Adams's signature choir-y vocals, this track is a mixture of soft instrumental and optimistic tunes which result in an easy listening song.

The Adams will always have a special spot in my memories and probably most indie-pop music listeners in Indonesia, who grew up listening to their songs. Watching them live could take back some good memories because their songs are definitely an ode to the good old days.

Pure Saturday - Spoken

This is a chilled out indie pop dreamscape of easy listening wonderment. Bandung based group, Pure Saturday, released this single back in 2007, and personally it is my favorite Pure Saturday’s song until this day.

The intro incorporates a pretty, twinkling sound that really pulled me in. The track opens with a soft, intertwining instrumental loop, offering listeners a slightly lighter approach than previous other tracks. It is a refreshingly light and melodically hypnotic, indie pop track.

Phoenix - Oblique City

Phoenix, regardless of their existence now and whether they will make another album in the near future or not, will always have a special place in my heart and probably most indie-pop music listeners.

The song "Oblique City" is another underrated song from Phoenix which is included in "Bankrupt!" album, for those of you who might not listen to this song yet, you absolutely have to give it a whirl.

The Strokes - Take It Or Leave It

With just one 36-minute record titled, “Is This It”, The Strokes took the world by storm and gave the world something to be excited about again. It is indeed a great album, and “Take It Or Leave It” is a perfect end to this album.

I watched the video of them playing this song live on "The Late Show With David Letterman" in 2002 and the performance was so incredible it still rings in my head until now.