5 Best Songs About Towns in Indonesia | Article by Indie Accent


5 Best Songs About Towns in Indonesia

by: Bambang Irawan

Living in a particular city for some years will create some memories left unforgettable, especially for some people who are living nomadically, either about family stuff or their primary job. There’s something that actively connected between a town and memories. According to what John Green said in his famous novel Paper Towns, “The town was a paper, but the memories were not.” Listening to a particular song will bring some sweet memories about those towns. Here we present some songs that best represent the particular town in Indonesia.


Adhitia Sofyan - Sesuatu Di Jogja

If we seek for a song that is talking about the romanticism of a town Indonesia, we can’t put Adhitia Sofyan out of our number one list. Adhitia already has some signature for his consistency of writing about the city he ever lived in every album. After "Adelaide Sky" in his record Quiet Down, he continued with "Forget Jakarta" which featured in his second album, Forget Your Plans, "Tokyo Lights Fade Away" in How to Stop Time, last but not least, "Sesuatu Di Jogja" in his EP, 8 Tahun. This EP not only signified Adhitia signature song again but also showing Adhitia intention to back in his root. "Sesuatu di Jogja" offers you the best experience to listen to this song while sitting in the city park in the middle of Jogja at dusk, alone.

Silampukau - Malam Jatuh di Surabaya

Two years ago, at Silampukau solo show in Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, they brought some street musicians from their community, and they seemed to be proud of their Javanese identity and Surabaya representation. It is impressive in how they were independently managing their show from A to Z, and of course their Javanese accent in the entire show. Malam Jatuh di Surabaya was one of the songs they played at that night, and it was beautifully conveyed.

Banda Neira - Senja Di Jakarta

Banda Neira already collapsed but their spirit will always live in our heart. “Senja Di Jakarta” is one of their signature which represents our beloved capital city. Although those days phrase 'senja' is a little bit cringy, 'senja' in Banda Neira hands works like electric energy which blowing out into your veins. This song is timeless, so is Banda Neira.

Mocca - Bandung

Bandung is a such a special town for those who are ever living there. Acclaimed as a ‘creative town’, Bandung has a bunch of amazing and talented musician. One of them is Mocca who can be classified as the pioneer of an indie wave from Bandung around the 90s. Within Arina’s sweet voice, not only "Bandung" but almost all of Mocca songs will create a nostalgic vibe about the warmth of this city of flowers.

Adhitia Sofyan - Forget Jakarta

Again, nothing can beat Adhitia Sofyan if talking about romanticising towns. Somehow this song is the best if we ever miss someone we left in Jakarta to face our reality. Forget Jakarta is the best among this list, not only collected pieces of memories scattered at that town, but also to tear it up into pieces again with tons of tears. Leaving hometown never feel so good, right?