7 Best Dream Pop Song to Chilling Your Mood | Article by Indie Accent


7 Best Dream Pop Songs to Chillin Your Mood

by: Bambang Irawan

Every daily mixup Spotify there will be a dream pop track, so does the youtube recommendation.

Perhaps this year is the year of dream pop, which mostly fronted by girl behind the mic with sweet voice and easy listening song. So here we present 7 indie pop songs fronted by a cute girl behind the mic to lift up your day.

1. Reality Club – Okay

Reality Club is started to be widely known in Indonesia since at first time mostly because of the existence of their frontgirl well known as Fathia Izzati who used to cover some indie songs at her Youtube channel. Their eagerly anticipated album titled Never Get Better released recently this year. Never Get Better still using same formula as its predessor single s ‘Is It The Answer’ and ‘Elastic Hearts’. Both singles are included in their new album. ‘Okay’ is one of most enticing track in this album.

2. Alvvays – In Undertow

Canadian quintet already released their second album Antisocialites this year as the follow up to their self titled album back in 2014. They grow mature in Antisocialities as seen in the entire album. Undertow is another single in Antisocialites which is one of the best from this album, still brought Alvvays signature from their self titled.

3. Varsity – So Sad So Sad

You 100% might be seen this band from Youtube recommendation if you are listening to two songs above. So Sad, So Sad is their leading single so far, a typical dream pop song which give you chill to the bone.

4. The Japanese House – Saw You In My Dream

The solo project from English musician Amber Bain already had 4 EPs. Saw You In My Dream is her latest EP released in the middle this year with its foremost single Saw You In My Dream. So refreshing, go give it a hear.

5. Fazerdaze – Take It Slow

This is one more indie darling that gifted to Indonesian hipster society after her concert in Rossi some weeks ago. Solo project from Amelia Murray barely released first LP Morningside this year and Take It Slow is the second single that sums up the entire album. Go get it a listen!

6. The Marias – I Dont Know You

One of the hidden gem I found at thelazylazyme playlist, the duo from LA have successfully made a loop from transmigrating to LA. I Dont Know you is a single from Superclean EP which will be accompanied your pathetic love story.

7. No Vacation – Yam Yam

After a hiatus, No Vacation back from dead with some promising hit singles, one of them is Yam Yam. As written at their Bandcamp account, No Vacation have written a new album about break up and expresses the feelings of belongingness, regret, etc. Yam Yam is first single with the artwork a shortcut hair girl with stereotypical hipster girl these days.