7 Local Indie Pop Band That You Need To Know | Article by Indie Accent


7 Local Indie Pop Band That You Need To Know

Writer Wicaksono Gitawan

In the midst of the popularity of dance music that has infected the airwaves for quite some time around the Indonesian music scene, there are still countless genres that cherished and loved by its devoted fans. One of these genres is indie pop. It is important to realise that indie pop has been around for decades and is usually the go-to music for teenagers and young adults. Indie pop itself usually radiates the fun and 'happy-go-lucky' spirit of youth. As a result, it has made its way to Indonesian soil. We have compiled 7 local indie pop acts for you to check out and we guarantee that they will sweep you off your feet.


Soft Blood

Many bands tend to express love and lack to craft their materials entirely so that the final product would sound cheesy and predictable. Well, that is not the case with Jatinangor indie poppers, Soft Blood. Listening to their songs made us realise that the band had brilliantly pushed the boundaries of songwriting and made listeners crave for them. The most compelling evidence of their genius ways is their ability to pull us into their world and feel the emotions behind it. A must hear for music enthusiast everywhere!

Secret Meadow

Secret Meadow is the band that you need to listen if you’re searching for that little dose of bittersweet melodies. One may argue that they have some similarities with bands such as Slowdive and The Cure, but they have curated their original and creative sound for us to enjoy. All in all, their debut EP “Same Old Fear” proves that this band had the potential to be big and is undoubtedly something that you need to keep an eye on.

National Perks

Bandung has been known to be the birthplace of many great bands, and now we have the privilege to witness a unit from the region that produces high-quality dreamy music, and they are National Perks. Praise must be given to how good their single was produced. The single “Innocent” gave us some personal lyrics that was combined with some top-notch drumming while maintaining the dreamy vibes on it. You can listen to the single below, and we can’t wait for them to release their EP soon!


Jakarta-based indie pop quartet Sharesprings has been in the game for quite a while. The band have released two single CD, Sharesprings (2010) and Trush! (2017). They successfully combined the noisy distortion of shoegaze and the jangly guitar-pop sound of bands such as East River Pipe to create sweet-sounding distorted songs.



Music can be a medium to find peace and tranquillity, and Hira might be the band that can calm people down after a long day. Hira is signed to local record label Mundane Records, and this unit is one of the groups that combines exceptional songwriting skills and in-depth musical ability which makes their songs deep yet easy-listening.


From all the words that can describe this band, Letare is comfortable and relaxing. This unit perfectly infuses lo-fi and happy-sad lyrics with crunchy guitar, addictive bass lines, and dominating drum works. Try to listen to their demo titled “Avoid the Sun” via Froothie Toothie Rekords’ Soundcloud page for some fun yet mellow experience.

The Sweetest Touch

Delicate sounds that can help anyone through their rough days that is probably the best way to describe The Sweetest Touch. Their smooth sounding guitar and 80s inspired drum sound can surely kick your day up a notch.