A Glimpse of “Sunshine” on The Panturas New Video Clip | Article by Indie Accent


A Glimpse of Sunshine on The Panturas New Video Clip

by: Valerie Dante

Bandung-based surf rock band The Panturas has recently released their latest music video on March 5th.

They picked “Sunshine” as the statement they chose to make to visually showcase themselves to the Interwebs and its citizens. The music video is both directed and produced by Dian Tamara, and it tells a bitter-sweet tale of bonding between a father and a son, a concept that Dian herself came up with. They focus on transcribing a journey that is experienced by a father as he reminisced the moments he had with his boy: the midday drive, and the small talks between destinations.

“I was randomly listening to Sunshine at the band’s YouTube channel and I suddenly pictured the video clip to be as simple as a dad-and-son car ride. I mean, almost every kid in the world has gone through this moment of just sitting alone with their dads,” she continues.

A father and a son are shown sitting silently inside what seems to be an old 1980s Toyota Starlet at first. As the cruise set off, they begin to talk, laugh, and even sang together. All seems well until near the end of the video, the son slowly vanishes and the sad truth kicks in; the father was alone all along. His road ends at a burial ground—and yes you must have guessed it by now—to pay a visit to his late son.

The band which consist of Abyan Zaki (vocals/guitar), Surya “Kuya” Fikri (drums), Rizal Taufik (guitar), and Bagus “Gogon” Patria (bass) did give a little back-story about “Sunshine” at their Instagram account. “For any loved ones you’ve lost, this song is for you and them,” they said.

The song itself is the sixth track out of the seven tracks they feature on their newly-launched album, “Mabuk Laut” debuted on February 19 under LaMunai Records. You can find other “sea-related” song title such as “Tenggelamkan”, “Fish Bomb”, “Gurita Kota”, and “Fisherman’s Slut.” To check it out, you can now get a copy of the album at LaMunai’s official website here.