Best Of: April 2018 | Article by Indie Accent


Best Of: April 2018

Curator Indie Accent Team Writer Caesar Fajriansah

We're approaching the end of month, so we've curated for you a playlist that best represent this month. The songs we picked in this playlist are songs that were there for us since the beginning of this month. Whether it's an old or new songs, they never left or skipped. They might be not our favourite, perhaps at one point they are, but when they're on, we tune into it till the countdown reaches 0:00 and we couldn't justify kicking them out of our daily routine.


The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)

After three years absent from their last album Ego Death along with various members side projects, The Internet is finally back with their new song titled “Roll (Burbank Funk)” to celebrate the end of April. This unit successfully brings the funk back through this new song which they serve with a funky beat, groovy bass, and catchy keyboards.

Mondo Gascaro & White Shoes & The Couples Company - Indahnya Sepi

The collaboration we’ve been waiting for, Mondo Gascaro & White Shoes & The Couples Company is definitely a perfect match. Their ability on this Indra Darusman’s track are so impeccable that it's hard to find anything imperfect about the entire track.

Mellow Fellow - New Year's Eve

Philippines based bedroom pop musician Mellow Fellow, teamed up with Floor Cry in last year's single "New Year's Eve". The beautifully layered instrumentation nearly lets you forget that this song is pretty devastating.

Airline Food - What I’m Looking For

Airplane Food is a 4-piece band who play a mix of psychedelic pop to chilled 80’s synth inspired music. “What I’m Looking For” is a one kind of wonderfully textured and innovative piece of psych-pop that makes them deserves more listeners.

Soft Blood - Hold Me

Soft Blood serving us with another downbeat track, “Hold Me” in their debut EP, “Labyrinth”. Kicked it off with some tropical-nuanced guitar riff. Every element of this song had such precise portion, from the backing vocals, the guitars, until Andri and Mirza’s vocals that do this track wonders.

The Boris Suit – Cigg Piece

Jakarta based indie-pop band, The Boris Suit, makes an impactful impression with their EP "Sad Teens With Happy Faces", "Cigg Piece" is the one we put on repeat this whole week. There’s no music video for this song yet, so we put a video for their single “Better” above.

The Aces – Volcanic Love

It’s a catcy pop song that traces the missing link between Haim, The 1975, and MUNA. The all-girl quartet, The Aces” started garnering attention in 2016 with the release of their debut single, “Stuck”. This month they released their debut studio album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”.

David Byrne – Everybody’s Coming To My House

“Everybody’s Coming to My House” is the first single from David Byrne's latest album American Utopia. American Utopia features his collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never, Jam City, Sampha, and Brian Eno, who also co-produced the album. Byrne also shared a statement about the album, writing, “I regret not collaborating with women.”

Kimbra - Human

Two-time Grammy Award winning from New Zealand, Kimbra, released her third studio album “Primal Heart” this month. We can see how her music has evolved over the years, she’s definitely taken her music into more electronic since her debut album “Vows” back in 2012.

The Panturas - Sunshine

The Panturas picked “Sunshine” as the statement they chose to make to visually showcase themselves to the Interwebs and its citizens. The music video is both directed and produced by Dian Tamara, and it tells a bitter-sweet tale of bonding between a father and a son, a concept that Dian herself came up with. They focus on transcribing a journey that is experienced by a father as he reminisced the moments he had with his boy: the midday drive, and the small talks between destinations.

Eros Tjokro - Good Times

This R&B nuance song is single from Indonesian singer, Eros Tjokro. His music represents a fresh new sound coming from Jakarta, which enriches the number of music genres that roam Indonesia lately.