Best Of: July 2018 | Article by Indie Accent


Best Of: July 2018

Curator Indie Accent Team Writer Caesar Fajriansah

We're approaching the end of month, so we've curated for you a playlist that best represent this month. The songs we picked in this playlist are songs that were there for us since the beginning of this month. Whether it's an old or new songs, they never left or skipped. They might be not our favourite, perhaps at one point they are, but when they're on, we tune into it till the countdown reaches 0:00 and we couldn't justify kicking them out of our daily routine.


Polkawars - Rekam Jejak

"Rekam Jejak" by Polka Wars is an attempt to invites young genereations to remember the courage and passion of all the activists who have never returned. "We invites young generation to remember and find out who they are, other young people who did what they did or became heroes in the context of that era. Not all problems can be solved by taking to the streets. There are many ways to turn this country into a better place, "said Deva, one of Polka Wars members as well as a producer for the music video.

Winter - All The Things You Do

Winter's "All The Things You Do" is an unrequited love song which tells about “creating dreamworlds and questions about distance, time, space in our experience of reality,” according to the band’s Facebook post.

Rich Brian - History

Rich Brian delivers a self-produced record that finds him reflecting on a past relationship, a song called "History" which included in 88 Rising's collaborative album, "Head In The Clouds".

rebelsuns. - Thinking About... Feat. Fathia Izzati

Rebelsuns made their comeback with sparkling new single "Thinking About" which features the vocals from Reality Club's, Fathia Izzati. This is their first single of the year as they plan to release another single in a couple of months while gearing and prepping themselves to record their debut album during early 2019.

Tatsuro Yamashita - Love Talkin' (Honey It's You)

Tatsuro Yamashiya is a Japanese singer-songwriter and record producer. He has been one of the most commercially successful Japanese male solo recording artists in the history of the Japanese album chart. "Love Talkin' (Honey It's You), is taken from Yamashita's LP "For You", which was released in Japan in early 1982. He blends various genre in his music such as rock, funk, jazz, and disco which was all over Japan back then.

Best Coast - Our Deal

“Our Deal,” is a song from the California indie rock trio Best Coast, which was directed by movie star Drew Barrymore. The two met in backstage at a show in Los Angeles. Barrymore’s clip, features guest appearances by Donald Glover and Alia Shawkat.

Last Dinosaurs - Eleven

Brisbane indie-pop group, Last Dinosaurs, returned to the spotlight earlier this year with single, "Dominos". Last week they shared the second taste from the Australian favourite's upcoming third album, a song called, "Eleven". For those of you who think that this song was inspired by one of the "Stranger Thing" stars, nope you're wrong.

Yogee New Waves - Can You Feel It

Yogee New Waves is one of the leading vanguards of Japanese City-pop Revival, with fellow Japanese indie bands such as Mitsume, Lamp, Never Young Beach, they put a slightly touch of city-pop influence to their real core. Last week, Yogee New Waves released their latest single titled, "Can You Feel It" which an upbeat, catchy song with a huge summery vibes on it.

Tokyolite - Cycle

Bogor-based funk quartet Tokyolite releases their latest single, “Cycle” on 25 June followed by its official music video on 1 July. The single will be part of the upcoming studio album by Tokyolite, which is currently on progress and planned to be completed in 2019.

Syracuse - Lovventura

A psychedelic song from French-based, Syracuse. Lovventura is a dreamy pop song written & sung by Isabelle. Song that perfectly fit for your 1 AM daydream.

Maribou States - Feel Good (ft. Khruangbin)

UK duo Maribou States shared their latest collaboration with funky rock trio, Khruangbin, in a single titled "Feel Good". Apart from the title, this song has a sense of darkness around the melodic phrases throughout the song.

Farro - Color Rush

Ex-Paramore, Farro, released their single, "Color Rush", back in 2016. Briskly introduced by translucent riffs, the frantic cymbals that dominate throughout captures the thrill of romance the song seems to perpetuate.