Best Of: May 2018 | Article by Indie Accent


Best Of: May 2018

Curator Indie Accent Team Writer Caesar Fajriansah

We're approaching the end of month, so we've curated for you a playlist that best represent this month. The songs we picked in this playlist are songs that were there for us since the beginning of this month. Whether it's an old or new songs, they never left or skipped. They might be not our favourite, perhaps at one point they are, but when they're on, we tune into it till the countdown reaches 0:00 and we couldn't justify kicking them out of our daily routine.


Sobs - Telltale Signs

Singaporean indie-pop trio is back with new single "Telltale Signs", accompanied by a music video, and announced that a new album is also on the way this summer. "Telltale Signs" is the newest taste from the group's upcoming debut album with the same name which is slated for release on 22 June‬. The easy listening style this track takes on emits a brightness and airy feel that's easy to latch onto. The vocals soothe as they glide atop the instrumentals.‬

Rex Orange County & Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me

Rex Orange County released a cover version of classic Pixar anthem "You've Got a Friend in Me" featuring the writer of the song himself, Randy Newman. The song was originally written for Pixar’s Toy Story, which came out three years before Rex Orange County was born.

Melanie Faye - Eternally 12 (ft. Mac DeMarco)

Melanie Faye is a 19-year-old musician from Nashville which teamed up with indie-rock prince, Mac Demarco, for a song called “Eternally 12,” a four-minute instrumental R&B guitar jam. Kicked it off with some R&B-nuanced guitar riff. This song has a chillingly delightful explosion of sound. Melanie Faye makes an impactful impression with this song also a debut EP called HomoPhone is supposedly on the way.

Gorillaz - Humility

After revealing the news about Gorillaz’s sixth full-length album, The Now Now which will be released on 29 June, Damon Albarn also shared the two tracks of the album titled “Humility” and “Lake Zurich”. Along with the music video, this song “Humility” also features the legendary jazz and soul artist George Benson.

Grup Musik Hari Libur - Intensi

Grup Musik Hari Libur is Jakarta based 5-piece band who play a mix of psychedelic pop to chilled 80’s synth inspired music. “Intensi” is a one kind of wonderfully textured and innovative piece of psych-pop that makes them deserves more listeners.

Jorja Smith - Feb 3rd

Jorja Smith serving us with brand new delicate track, “February 3rd” which will feature on the U.K. artist's forthcoming debut album, “Lost & Found” due out on June 8. "February 3rd" appears on the album alongside previous singles "Teenage Fantasy," and "Where Did I Go?"

Naj - Reuni Teman SMA

This electronic/R&B nuance song is taken from Indonesian producer/multi-instrumentalist Najmi Ismail. His music represents a fresh new sound coming from Jakarta, which enriches the number of genre collaborations that roam Indonesia lately.

NIKI - Say My Name

The talented young singer-songwriter, and producer finally shared her highly anticipated debut album, titled, “Zephyr,” contains 8 tracks. “Say My Name” is undoubtedly one of the most earwormy, delightful tracks of hers. It starts with a gorgeous slow beat, subtly enticing you, then it follows with catchy melodies. This song is a chillingly delightful explosion of sound.

The Radio Dept - Your True Name

After released their "Teach Me To Forget" EP, Swedish indie pop duo, The Radio Dept. followed it up with the new song called “Your True Name”. It's a hazy piece of dream-pop with a pretty intertwining guitar riffs. They also launched a new imprint called Just So!, in a press release, they excitedly announced "Yes, we're finally indie for real."

PREP - Snake Oil

Having already shared the first single, "Don't Bring Me Down," PREP is now back with another EP titled "Cold Fire", after released their debut EP " Futures" back in 2016. The band have released another music video of another groovy electro pop "Snake Oil".

The Millennium – 5 A.M

The Millennium was an American psychedelic rock group based in California. The group incorporated sunshine pop harmonies. The Millennium recorded one and only album, "Begin" in 1968 before disbanding. This song "5 A.M" is taken from the album.

Washed Out - Face Up

Washed Out is back with a new song called “Face Up,” it's the follow up from last year’s album "Mister Mellow". Released via the Adult Swim Singles Series, it has the 80s synth-pop ballad which the band's good at.