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Best Sibling Bands

Writer Nabil Argya Joesoef

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Some might say that the dynamic of being in a professional band is a lot like being in a family. You travel to many new places together, bounce ideas off one another, argue, fight, while still managing to stay for the sake of the preserving the unspoken connection that you have, or just because that you are effectively stuck together, and no one else would want to be with you. For these bands, the descriptions fit all too well and too literal. Here are the are a few groups, consisting of siblings not named Greenwood, Gallagher, or Koeswoyo, that you ought to check out.


Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet is a hard rock group consisting of three brothers; namely twins John and Jake Kitszka on vocals and guitars respectively, their younger brother Sam on Bass, and their friend Danny Wagner on drums. Formed in Michigan, GVF’s high octane, powerful sound is only matched by their meteoric rise in the music scene. Performing on Coachella 2018 merely months after releasing their debut single, “Highway Tune”.

Experience Brothers

The most “experienced” act in this list, brothers Bram (guitar and vocals) and Daud (drums) have played live shows as early as 2001. Their raw, bluesy style led some to compare the Brothers to other duos such as The Black Keys and The White Stripes, something that the band themselves have disagree with. In October 2016, older brother Daud left the group due to personal reasons, however, Bram still currently performs under the Experience Brothers name to this day..

The Lemon Twigs

Most teenagers spend their time playing FPS video games or whining about school work, others like Brian D'Addario and Michael D'Addario, prefer to tour the world and play psychedelic shows complete with elaborate theatrics and colourful, old school clothes. Since the release of their debut album “Do Hollywood” in 2016, the D’Addario brothers have been delivering dynamic, retro, late 60s-early 70s influenced rock, while playing multiple instruments and consistently trading roles. Perhaps drawing influences from other famous brothers such as the Wilsons or the Davies..

Reality Club

Citing bands such as The Strokes and Last Dinosaurs as influences, Reality Club is made up of vocalist Fathia Izzati, her older brother Faiz Novascotia on guitar, Nugi Wicaksono on bass, Era Patigo on drums and Iqbal on guitar. One of the beauties of modern music is that there are so many ways for acts to get noticed - Reality Club’s frontman, Fathia Izzati, may have found fame beforehand as a youtube star, but the with the band’s catchy, well-crafted sound and relatable lyrics, it’s easy to imagine the group would quickly find a considerable following anyway.

First Aid Kit

Continuing the theme of online-based popularity, Swedish folk duo Klara and Johanna Soderberg first gained fame in 2008 through their video cover of the Fleet Foxes's song "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” on Youtube. They’ve been steadily performing and releasing music ever since, including two EPs and four albums, along with collaborations with big-name acts such as Jack White, and the Fleet Foxes themselves. A genuine family affair, the duo employs their parents as tour managers and their brother as a live drummer..