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Album Review: Bloodbuzz by Denisa

Writer Caesar Fajriansah


Denisa learned how to talk about relationships from the past, but finds ways to add modern flourishes to her songs and tweak established formulas.

“Bloodbuzz” is a poignant reflection on finding beauty in pain, embracing emotional turbulence and speaking openly about feelings. It also shows how an individual’s grieving can vary in terms of processing through different kinds of emotions.

It’s a fair move to start with a song on track one, “Ben”. If we were to pinpoint a song that wholly indicates the music Denisa has established, this one is not too far from it. In a short period, the beat of electronic drum accompanied by minimalist instrumental fusion, with a dominating presence of bass, keys and slight guitar licks here and there. Truthfully, it's an interesting first track pick. The second track, “You Are Not My Savior”, which was released as a single in 2020, utilizes catchy songwriting and easy to digest melodies throughout the song. It is a little slice of indie-pop goodness, whether you're drawn to melancholy or to happiness, this song has got you covered.

In comparison to previous initial tracks, ”Runaway” strays to the opposite end of the spectrum, highlighting a more minimalistic instrument with only acoustic guitar. Denisa and Rayhan Noor, who also produced most of the songs from this album, can be heard taking vocal turns from one verse to another, then blending together at certain points of the song. Apart from being a producer, Rayhan Noor also provided guitar on several songs including a guitar solo on "Get It Together”, which makes the song shine even brighter.

“Honey” is an immensely stripped-down ballad which takes the form about the feeling of achieving something after every little step they took to get over it. With limited instrumentation, "Honey” and “Runaway” put all the focus on her vocals. “J Street” has a soothing, electronic vibe to it while still containing some bright and soulful dance-y pop sounds.

Heartwarming acoustics wrapped in production behind Denisa’s vocals make the last track from the album, “(Un)Comfortably Alone” attractive and yet deeply personal at the same time. The song talks about when you reach a stage in your life where you will be so comfortable with loneliness, where you have to grow out of the bad.

There's nothing better than a modern day heartbreak album with a heart-wrenching voice to keep you company. This album is a wise acknowledgment of a past relationship, it shows how accepting a break-up isn’t an immediate end to feelings and thoughts.