Event Review: Jakob Ogawa Live in Jakarta | Article by Indie Accent


Event Review: Jakob Ogawa Live in Jakarta

By Wicaksono Gitawan

Norwegian Indie Pop sensation Jakob Ogawa finally visited Jakarta on Sunday (19/5) as part of his "Teen Angel" tour. Organized by Lokatara Live, this was Ogawa's first time ever playing in Indonesia. The show was held at The Pallas, SCBD and the "Let It Past" singer successfully radiates warmness and intimacy throughout his set. Jakarta’s very own electronic pop princess Rayysa Dynta opened for Jakob and it was surely a night to remember.


The gates were opened at 7:30 PM and after entering the venue, the first thing that we check out was the official merchandise booth that sells shirts, tote bags, and vinyl. There is also an art installment near the booth to see, courtesy of Art Week 2019. Rayssa Dynta then opened the show at around 8:30 PM and played songs from her 2018 debut EP "Prolog". She also played her newest single released earlier this year called "Under Cover". After her stunning performance, you can feel the anticipation rising from the crowd as the clock ticks closer to Ogawa's performance.

The moment everyone's been waiting for finally arrives, Jakob Ogawa greeted his fans and opened his set with "Velvet Light". Everyone went mental and started to sing along. After a couple of songs, he then introduces his band while sipping a cold beer. The hour-long set was quite enjoyable, containing all of his best songs such as "All Your Love", "Sunshine Girl", "You Might Be Sleeping", "Let It Pass", and etc.

From the expressions he made, we can assume that Jakob Ogawa and his band had a wonderful time playing for the crowd in Jakarta. He greeted and thanked the crowd numerous times and looked very happy and enthusiastic. We hope that we can see him perform in Jakarta again very soon!