Event Review: Lokatara Project I: Jakarta | Article by Indie Accent


Event Review: Lokatara Project I: Jakarta

By Allfrida Deviyantie

With the proliferation of existing concert or gigs around us, Indie Accent try to gather the information about the event in the new section called, Indie Accent Event Review. We will give you information about the event that we have coverage. This section will cover the information about the event, the artists, as well as some photos of the events.


Lokatara.id is an independent festival and they just had their first event ever, called, Project I: Jakarta, which occurred on 7th July 2018 at Rossi Musik Fatmawati. The line-up for Lokatara.id was; Vira Talisa, Puti Chitara, Sal Priadi, Moon For Sun, MarcoMarche, Flowr Pit, Blackyard Lullaby, Eleventwelfth, and Louisa Rachmacynta. The event officially started at 5 PM and took place on the 4th floor of the building. I have a heard a lot about the venue and this was my first experience to visit Rossi Musik.


There were not actually that many names I was familiar with but through this event, I have discovered so many great artists. It is undeniably true that every performer has their own unique and individual styles, and they rich voices perfectly wrapped up with their music. Lokatara.id certainly exceeded my expectations. The event successfully left a standing impression on the crowd with its line-ups. Everyone in the audience was authentically eager and energetic about the music being played.

Indeed, the show has officially ended but it has left me with good and enjoyable. Lokatara.id and the artists certainly have something in common: a passion for new music, and that’s reflected in the abundance of great artists that were playing last weekend at the venue last weekend.


I personally would thank Lokatara.id for making such a wonderful event and introducing the crowd to the fantastic new artists that are worth listening to. One of the best highlights of Lokatara.id was Sal Priadi. I’ve honestly never seen anyone who exudes such a delightful atmosphere through their show. Sal did a really great performance because he has so much love and enthusiasm for what he creates.

There were also unforgettable performances from the other artists. I did not manage to capture all the performances simply because I wanted to enjoy every single of it so I had to put my phone down.

Lokatara.id was a completely different music festival from what I am used to, but of course, the even was filled with joy and blissfulness. One thing I have realized is that we might have our differences, but when we all together in one room, sharing the same interests, that is when we are at best. Music brings people together and that’s the power of music.