Event Review: Wild Nothing Live in Jakarta 2019 | Article by Indie Accent


Event Review: Wild Nothing Live in Jakarta 2019

By Caesar Fajriansah

Cover Image from brooklynvegan.com

On Monday, April 8, Jakarta based collective, Magical Feeeling, successfully brought an indie rock / dream pop unit from the United States, Wild Nothing, to held its first live performance in Indonesia. Located in Rossi Musik, Fatmawati, the event was opened by two local performers from Kolibri Rekords, Gizpel and ATSEA.


Wild Nothing starts the show with "Nocturne", followed by the song from latest album, "Wheel of Misfortune", then the audience starts to blow their enthusiasm. Lot of "Indigo" songs were played throughout the set, such as "Flawed Translation", "Partners in Motion", "Bend". However, the frontman was so impress with the audience who remembered all the lyrics of the old albums.

After delivering “Paradise” with beautiful visual on the background, he sang “Letting Go,” as the "last" song before closing the set. The displeased crowd was still hungry as they chant for more. The band suddenly came back and continued the concert. Finally, Wild Nothing continued his concert by presenting one of the most awaited songs, "Chinatown", followed by "A Dancing Shell", and completing the set with "Shadow". The encore became the ultimate moment for Wild Nothing in Indonesia.

Overall, the set is very much fulfills the desire of most audiences to witness this dream pop unit. The composition of the setlist played by Jack Tatum and his band is enough to satisfy old and new fans of Wild Nothing. For those who take pleasure in dream pop and intimate music gig, this event will most certainly have been a source of great enjoyment.

1. Nocturne
2. Wheel of Misfortune
3. Golden Haze
4. Flawed Translation
5. Live in Dreams
6. Partners in Motion
7. Bend
8. Summer Holiday
9. Whenever I
10. Shallow Water
11. Canyon on Fire
12. Paradise
13. Letting Go

14. Chinatown
15. A Dancing Shell
16. Shadow