FisikaMatematika Released Their Debut Album, Properties Dementia | Article by Indie Accent


FisikaMatematika Released Their Debut Album, “Properties Dementia”.

By: Caesar Fajriansah

"Properties Dementia" is the new album from FisikaMatematika, which is the follow-up of their 2017's mini-album "Pilihan Ganda". Based in Jakarta, the duo (JohnJohnnyJoanna & RyanGajah) have already garnered strong attention for the electronic/alternative rock music. After leaving a trail and some hints in "different" musical arrangements with last year's mini-album "Pilihan Ganda", "Properties Dementia" is the beginning of a new journey in FisikaMatematika's story. They present a combination of fast-paced electronic music that contains various elements such as rock, post punk and goth as well as an intricate sound layer which dominated by analog synthesized instruments in this latest album.

Some of the new songs in this album are "Conformation", "Subsconcious" which contains the vocal of Prof.Dr. Iwanto Believe, "Colors" in collaboration with BSTRD, "Devious" ft. Mellanium, as well as "Teenage Love and Broken Heart Remix" that were written by Goodnight Electric. In addition, there are several remixes from Asam, Adhvrma, Sunmantra, RobotSmith, and IntisariMix on FisikaMatematika's songs. The album "Properties Dementia" itself shares various point of view and sees many things from different perspectives such as the conscious and unconscious, bourgeois-socialist, moderate-barbaric into the composition of this album. They have shared a stunning music video for "Comfortation":

Get the "Properties Dementia" CD in your favorite independent record stores and follow them on instagram @fisikamatematika for the latest information from the band.