How Arctic Monkeys’s 2018 Upcoming Sixth Album Will Be? | Article by Indie Accent


How Arctic Monkeys's 2018 upcoming sixth album will be?

by: Bambang Irawan

Where are our sexy little swines this year? It’s been four years since the Sheffield gang released their sophomore yet not so called british album AM and their success turn worldwide ever since. It’s hard to admit it that Arctic Monkeys is going mainstream today. We used to play Fluorescent Adolescent on the senior high school party or farewell and we are freakin’ proud of that, and singing When the Sun Goes Down when we worry about our crush, etc. These memories couldn’t be taken back as we growing old, as well as Arctic Monkeys do.

The sexy beast, Alex after doing collaboration with Miles Kane last year with some comercial success finally came out with their real home and committed to record a new material at Sheffield. And the latest news told that Arctic Monkeys already finished recording a new album and new single hoped to be released in January 2018. So, what we are talking about right now? Indeed, we always curious how AM sIxth album sounds will be.


Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not2006

Favourite Worst Nightmare2007


Suck It and See2011


AM is utterly fascinating since each album is not quite the same. Each album has the same vibe except Humbug which is likely to be stand alone because of its darkness and loneliness. After The Last Shadow Puppets project, maybe some of us predict that sixth album will quite sounds alike with baroque rock TLSP always do. Or psychedelic like Tame Impala Alex used to cover one of their song. Or maybe even worse, added some EDM tune and turn into a full commercial thing. Oh no, please.

And Alex voice is somehow much deeper than he was in the first album but unfortunately he can’t reach high note anymore like he used to, so we can predict in the future concert Alex won’t sing their two first albums any further (can’t imagine they won’t play I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor anymore tho). We can notice his progress in The Last Shadow Puppets’s Les Cactus. He grows mature and maybe his transformation to become a worldwide rockstar will reach his peak in sixth album. So if reflect from his change of voice, we can predict their next album won’t go too far from AM, which sounds so American but added a little change from the music. Moreover, they already confirmed that one of the producer on the next album is James Ford, the one who also produced AM. But no matter it will sound like AM or not, they will always change as human being and the musician. One thing probably never change is Alex songwriting which is always amazing from beginning till now. So let Arctic Monkeys grow on their own and hoping their sixth album is fascinating as always.