How MGMT Finally Reinvented Their Sound While Fans Never Even Expect It (A Review) | Article by Indie Accent


How MGMT Finally Reinvented Their Sound While Fans Never Even Expect It (A Review)

by: Bambang Irawan

Back to mid 2000’s when two clumsy teenagers from Connecticut started to make music as a comedy purpose. But who knows, in 2007 they suddenly released their ultimate bang Oracular Spectacular which topping every album chart over the world. Everybody won’t forget this legendary line ‘This is our decision to live fast and die young.’ and ever since that day that song unofficially declared as modern hippies anthem. They also slipped other remarkable coming of age-ish songs such as ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’. After album Congratulations (2010) and self titled album in 2013, MGMT went to hiatus for almost 4 years, made their fans questioning their ability to make proper follow up to NME award winner Oracular Spectacular. Congratulations actually was not as dissapointing as people think, especially due to existence of 11 minutes long masterpiece ‘Siberian Break’ which claimed by some fans as a potential classic.


Oracular Spectacular2007



Little Dark Age2018


While during the fall of 2017 MGMT finally announced their first single in 4 years, Little Dark Age. They seemed so promising with a catchy tune and solid songwriting which surprised most of people including me. Since being dissapointed by their third album, I’m starting to consider them as one album wonder. But perhaps I’m mistaken this time. Followed by other singles ‘When You Die’, ‘Hand it Over’ and ‘Me and Michael’, MGMT starting to impress us for one more time again.

And in February 2018, here we are. Little Dark Age released. The question is, how much MGMT can impress us again and reinvent their signature sound like they did in first album?

MGMT totally realized many fans were dissapointed by their experiment at 2013’s MGMT while the expectation on them is incredibly high, so they tried to fix it this time. According to Rolling Stone, they decided to off for a while. Keyboardist Ben Goldwasser moved to L.A while the frontman Andrew VanWynGarden bought a house in Queen. When they were back in studio together, they tried to back in their basic songwriting like in Oracular Spectacular, when they focused only on making good choruses. Just as simple as that, and the result is Little Dark Age.


Just like its predessor, Andrew and Ben delivered typical cheerful tone, acid atmosphere yet trippy beat surrounding those delightful tongue in cheek humor. Moreover, some of you might be predicting I will slip some 80’s thingy here. Indeed, since Tame Impala or Stranger Things series, regarding anything nostalgia as from 1980’s era seems become a thing nowadays, like anything’s cool is just from that era. So I likely keep away of those 1980’s thingy from now on.

Little Dark Age takes MGMT back to their prime time when Oracular Spectacular hit the world in 2007 but in different direction, slower but lyrically genius. Well, not that genius, but lyrically ironic. Just take a hear of ‘When You Die’ and ‘Me and Michael’. Their songwriting could also pulled from American election in 2016 therefore they called it ‘Little Dark Age’. Beside their standout four singles, there also ‘TSLAMP’ as my personal favourite. ‘TSLAMP’ stands for ‘Time Spent Looking at My Phone, a satire to people nowadays. While ‘She Works Out Too Much’ delivers about delusional relationship. Overall, If I asked to describe this album in a few words, all I can say is Little Dark Age is less clamorous and more easy listening than Oracular Spectacular.

What makes Little Dark Age even better is while most of fans lost of patiente and start to leaving MGMT. After replay it 10 times in a day, I assume you will think as I did, This is a real MGMT we used to know, and even much better. So enjoy the new album, and don’t expect anything for them again. They ain’t built to be a fucking superstar, so let it be.