Indie Accent x Resso: Here are our first impressions for the new age of music-streaming application | Article by Indie Accent


Indie Accent x Resso: Here are our first impressions for the new age of music-streaming application


If you are like me, then your phone is your go-to music control device. Whether I'm using speaker or headphones, i always use mobile streaming services my phone and rarely touch the desktop app.

This past few days, i just discovered a new mobile streaming services. It is a music streaming app that let you connect with others through songs you love and offer an enhanced music discovery platform. The application is called, Resso.

Creating a new music streaming service in 2019 seems like it would be a hard sell. Many of the services today have similar music catalogs and features, however unlike any other streaming services, Resso displays real-time lyrics and lets users post their comments under individual songs. There is also a vibes static feature which you can free to add your own photos, videos or GIFs to accompany tracks and quickly share snippets of lyrics to other social media platforms.

Among the unique things I noticed on Resso was a notification that asked, 'Using cellular data, continue to play?'' when Wi-Fi was switched off on my phone. If your connection is suddenly disconnected from the Wi-fi network, the Data Saver feature can help reduce data usage by disabling autoplay videos when using celular, the Cache System on Resso also really helps you in saving your data usage. This seems to have been incorporated keeping in mind Indonesian customers, the majority of who are careful about their data consumption.

In Resso we've curated for you a playlist that represent our best discovery. As you should know, there are a lot of awesome music that we don't cover at our previous playlist, so i put some on the list as well. Here are the list of songs in our first Resso's playlist!

1. Peach Pit – Shampoo Bottles

Image from Amazon

Vancouver band, Peach Pit, have shared the new single “Shampoo Bottles” which will be featured on the band’s forthcoming release. The track features Peach Pit’s signature melodious guitar but this time it's complimented by sticky sweet chord progressions.

2. Circarama – Long Gone

Image from Circarama Music Bandcamp

The most recent single from Circarama, packs with pleasant eccentricities that just won't quit. "Long Gone" with its catchy guitar parts and resentful lyrics is the band's latest addition to their repertoire after releasing single “Megantara”. The band is clearly developing their song-writing and arranging abilities as the instrumental dynamics are really highlighted allowing the song to blossom in its own resentful yet positive way.

3. Airline Food – What I’m Looking For

Image from Amazon

Perth-based Psychedelic pop band was inspired by Seinfeld reference "What's the deal with airline food?" Airline Food is a 4 piece who play a mix of psychedelic pop to chilled 80's synth inspired music. Definitely an innovative take on the genre right? They have released three EPs and have an album in the works.

The thing which caught my eye (besides their band name) for the very first time is their retro style artwork, it's like looking to our old man's psychedelic records all over again.

4. Goodnight Electric – VCR

Image from Amazon

I am unabashedly obsessed with this new single from Jakarta based group, Goodnight Electric, titled “VCR”. This is the first taste of new music from the three since last year's “The Electronic Renaissance”. The harmonies are on point, making their infectious tones easily digestible.

The trio knows how to enrich their electro-pop genres, to create an infectious sound that could easily be as popular in 1990’s. Not to mention how relatable the lyrics are, that sung in Indonesian. The minimalistic synth production has an effortlessly cool feel to it. Add in the recognizable vocals of Henry Foundation and you have the ideal electronic party starter.

5. Cosmo Pyke – Great Dane

Image from Pinterest

Cosmo Pyke's single "Great Dane", is a beautiful blend of R&B and experimental easy-listening pop. This song has a lot of difference with Pyke's upbeat single, "Chronic Sunshine", but has similar vibe with "Social Sites". "Great Dane" is also taken from Pyke's debut EP "Just Cosmo" produced by Fraser T Smith, who has worked with artists such as Adele and Stormzy. His songs draw less on other music and more on his everyday experiences growing up in south east London.

Mind to give your comment or add a photos or videos to our playlist? Find the full list of the song in our Resso’ profile or just click here

Resso is available on App Store or Play Store, also don’t forget to follow @ressoidn on Instagram to get all updated information.