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Latest Releases from Local Artists

Writer Valerie Dante

Cover Image from Twitter @listentofeast

Music listeners were in for a treat these past few weeks because some of Indonesia’s local musicians released exciting fresh music. From .Feast to Neonomora, in case you missed it, here are some of their latest releases that we’ve gathered for you to check out.


.Feast – Beberapa Orang Memaafkan (EP)

One of Indonesia’s emerging local bands, .Feast released their extended playlist/mini album called “Beberapa Orang Memaafkan” on Friday (21/9). The EP which they launched on several online music streaming services contains six songs such as “Apa Kata Bapak (featuring Sir Dandy)”, “Padi Milik Rakyat”, “Peradaban”, “Minggir!” and “Berita Kehilangan (featuring Rayssa Dynta).”

The EP has a visibly strong social criticism message towards actual events that happened in the past or at this moment. One of the main narrative that led the whole EP was the Surabaya bombing tragedy. In a few interviews they did with Provoke! and CNN Indonesia, Baskara, .Feast’s main vocalist and lyricist said that he read an article about said event and that sparked the idea behind this EP. What set aside this EP from .Feast’s previous album is that unlike “Multiverses” (2017), “Beberapa Orang Memaafkan” contains all Indonesian-lyric songs with similar anthem-like music.

Kunto Aji – Mantra Mantra (album)

After releasing his first album nearly three years ago, Kunto Aji is back in the game with his newly-launched album “Mantra Mantra.” The album which was released on Friday (14/9) tackles mental health issues, especially the dangerously unhealthy overthinking habit. This pop album contains nine songs such as “Sulung”, “Rancang Rencana”, “Pilu Membiru”, “Topik Semalam”, “Rehat”, “Jakarta Jakarta”, “Konon Katanya”, “Saudade”, dan “Bungsu.”

All of the songs on this album has a different color that makes them stand out individually. Not to mention “Sulung” and “Bungsu” as the beautiful intro and outro, if you listen to them, they really do sound like some kind of self-loving incantation or a mantra.

Glaskaca – Adendum (album)

Glaskaca, the three-piece rock band finally launched their debut album ‘Adendum’ on Friday (14/9). Dias Widjajanto (vocal/guitar), Rayhan Noor (guitar/synth), and Aldi Nugroho (drum) worked alongside Barasuara’s very own Iga Massardi to produce eight songs which are “Peringatan/Peringatan”, “Cetak Biru”, “Putih”, “Atom”, “Amerta”, “Banda”, “Adendum”, and lastly “Epilog.” They also collaborated with fellow musicians such as Gardika Gigih on the dreamy tune “Epilog” and Adra Karim on the title track, “Adendum.”

The band has previously released multiple singles such as “Identity”, “Preclear”, and “Polymath” on 2017. “Adendum” is now available to stream on various online streaming services.

Barasuara – Guna Manusia (single)

Barasuara teased the release of their upcoming second album by launching their latest single, “Guna Manusia” on digital platforms. “Guna Manusia” sounds different from anything they’ve served on “Taifun” (2015), the synth played a big role on this tune. The single itself highlights the alarming rising sea levels in Jakarta, the lyrics are pretty straight forward and act as a reminder of this concerning phenomenon. Besides “Guna Manusia”, their upcoming album which will be released later this November will feature some tunes such as “Masa Mesias”, “Seribu Racun”, and “Samara” to name a few.

Janitra Satriani – Orange (single)

Jakartan singer-songwriter Janitra Satriani or better known as Sani released another catchy tune called “Orange” on Thursday (20/9). The romance tune has a pop vibe to it that matches really well with the retro and arcade-themed music video that comes with it. His solo project started with “Horizon” which was released over five years ago, since then, Sani has consistently sent off some amazing tunes such as “Dream Cinema”, “Violet”, and “Millennials” just to name a few.

Neonomora – Lies (single)

Singer Neonomora released her single “Lies” on Friday (21/9), a song that she and Matter Halo’s Ibnu Dian worked on. Just like the title, this single reflects on all of the lies that has been piling up and finally got unraveled. The tune has a Florence + The Machine nuance to it with echo-y vocals and dreamy melodies. “Lies” is the second single to be released after “Blinding”, both of this songs and a couple of other will be featured Neonomora’s upcoming album “Waters.”