Monthly Picks: February 2019 | Article by Indie Accent


Monthly Picks: February 2019

Curator Indie Accent Team Writer Caesar Fajriansah

We're approaching the end of month, so we've curated for you a playlist that best represent this month. The songs we picked in this playlist are songs that were there for us since the beginning of this month. Whether it's an old or new songs, they never left or skipped. They might be not our favourite, perhaps at one point they are, but when they're on, we tune into it till the countdown reaches 0:00 and we couldn't justify kicking them out of our daily routine.


Gerard Way - Hazy Shades of Winter

Gerard Way released a version of "Hazy Shade of Winter" in January 2019 for the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, which is based on his comic book of the same name. The track is based on The Bangles' cover, and features fellow My Chemical Romance member Ray Toro on guitar and bass, and Jarrod Alexander on drums.

Phoenix - Fior Di Latte

Phoenix explained to NPR: "[Fior Di Latte] is a song about desire, fior di latte being the most erotic ice cream the Italian could imagine." For those who may not know, "Fior Di Latte" is best described as white Italian cheese, that is mainly known for its soft and springy texture.

Kero Kero Bonito - The Open Road

Late last year, the trio unveiled their sophomore album Time 'n' Place which an unexpected follow-up to their delightfully debut Bonito Generation.

Their North American tour last year is documented in this song called "The Open Road", including anecdotes about the time a lorry nearly jackknifed into us in a blizzard and getting robbed in San Francisco.

Kurosuke (ft. Kittendust) - Velvet

Kurosuke - a solo project from Christianto Ario Wibowo; Anomalyst guitarist and vocalist, officially launched his latest single titled, "Velvet", in which he collaborated with Kittendust - the stage name of Fathia Izzati; vocalist of Reality Club.

According to press release, Kurosuke said that "Velvet" was inspired by a true story about a phase in someone's relationship that was too late and complicated. The song chants like an imaginary conversation between the two people when each of them has lowered their ego and prestige.

HNATA - Slowtime

"Slowtime" is a song with easy charm, that's undemanding on the listener to be enjoyed. I'm not sure if it's chillwave, lo-fi electronic, or electro-pop.. and i'm not sure if any of that matters either.

L'Imperatrice - Matahari

"Matahari" is a single from French based sextet group, L'Imperatrice, which taken from album which has a same titled with the single. L'Imperatrice is one group that we should keep an eye on.

After a couple of years spent dropping super addictive singles such as Agitations Tropicales, Sonate Pacifique, Vanille Fraise, which each one of them having millions of views on YouTube, and giving the French group an influences that grows across borders, the group finally released their debut album back in 2018.

Sunday Moon - Eleven

His one K-Pop song you don't wanna miss, Sunday Moon is A breath of fresh air in a country which dominated by K-Pop supergroups.

This song contains an evocative vocals assisted by the band's well-designed musical arrangements. The single is titled, "Eleven", but unlike Last Dinosaurs, which also have a song with same title, this Eleven is inspired by the character of Stranger Things.

Sal Priadi feat. Pamungkas - Jangan Bertengkar Lagi Ya? OK? OK!

Sal Priadi came out of his comfort zone with this single. "Jangan Bertengkar Lagi Ya? Ok? Ok!" is an R&B love song for modern day hopeless romantics.

In contrast to his, previous three singles, musicians who got into the nomination of the Best Pop Male Solo Artist at the 2018 Indonesia Music Award event presented a tantalizing, sexy-song. Featuring another fellow soloist, Pamungkas, the vocals in this song initially carry you through this composition, the synths paired with the keys are not to go unnoticed.

National Perks - Recurrence

National Perks is Bandung based group which categorized themselves as Post-Progressive Pop. Their most recently released album, "Genial", was released on 2018, which includes the gem of a song "Recurrence".

The Adams - Masa Masa

It's finally here, the long awaited album by The Adams, Agterplaas, is released after 13 years. Is it worth the wait? You can prove it yourself, the album is available in all online streaming services.

I Mean Us - You So

This is another excited group from Taipei, I Mean Us is a Dream pop/Shoegaze/Indie Pop band formed in Taipei at the end of 2015. Their DNA romantically combines the 1990s analog sound with psychedelic style.

Showcasing their thoughtful but fun brand of alternative music, the song "You So (Youth Soul)", we're treated to an absorbing '90s influenced slow rocker, with just the right balance of reverb to give it that slacker vibe and wonderfully melodic song.

Harrison (feat. Daniela Andrade) - Atmosphere

Toronto artist, Harrison, has shared the "Atmosphere" from his upcoming sophomore full-length album. This song features fellow Canadian, Daniela Andrade, which brings ethereal vocals to Harrison's smooth production.