Monthly Picks: June 2019 | Article by Indie Accent


Monthly Picks: June 2019

Curator Indie Accent Team Writer Caesar Fajriansah

We're approaching the end of month, so we've curated for you a playlist that best represent this month. The songs we picked in this playlist are songs that were there for us since the beginning of this month. Whether it's an old or new songs, they never left or skipped. They might be not our favourite, perhaps at one point they are, but when they're on, we tune into it till the countdown reaches 0:00 and we couldn't justify kicking them out of our daily routine.


Blue Room Boys - LEMIGO

Jakarta based group, Blue Room Boys, shared their first of many new single this year titled, "LEMIGO" which is a seriously funky almost R&B track. From start to finish it is rammed full of silky smooth compressed guitar rhythms that chop away seamlessly with the bass and synth. The song blends an 80s sensibility with Ariel Nayaka's own brand of electronic driven hip-hop.

Airline Food - Axe Murderer

After their last year's stand out EP, Fragments in Green, Perth based indie rock four piece, Airline Food, released their latest single, Axe Murderer. It's an experimental song from the band that sees them move away from their standard indie-rock sound.

Prep - Line By Line

A song by Prep titled, "Line by Line" which features Paul Jackson Jr and Vulfpeck’s Cory Wong bring the funk and smooth sounds that Prep has previously brought in their previous works.

Jugo Djarot - Busana

Jugo Djarot's music was inspired by 60s to 80s music, with musicians such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, and The Beach Boys. This inspiration became his main reference when working in the Circarama music group. This time, he tried to get out of the habit and expand his musical references.

"Busana" tells the love story of a stalker. Jugo Djarot describes these characters as a "clothes" that always cover the whole body, being forgotten, and will be removed when they are no longer needed.

Spissy - Radio

"Radio" is a synth driven song from Bloomington based duo, "Spissy". This song gives us a little bit of Indie Pop with summery guitar riff and synth that put your mind at ease.

Gus Dapperton - Amadelle With Love

Amadelle With Love is taken from Gus Dapperton 2018's EP "You Think You're a Comic". The hit "Prune, You Talk Funny" was included in this EP, but we like this underrated "Amadelle With Love" better.

Aya Anjani - Mutual

Jakarta based singer, Aya Anjani, has brought us a lovely electro-pop track called "Mutual" with a eyes-pleasing music video for your visual pleasure.

Driven by a sweet electronical swing and Aya's sweet-recognizable voices, this aesthetic delivers a positive vibes resulting an unpretentious love song. It's a song about a mutual connection that plays a big role in the process of achieving dreams.

Feast - Dalam Hitungan

Feast consistently bringing rock genre in every way they can, from groovy bass and beat of drums to loud guitars and aggressive vocals with their latest single "Dalam Hitungan". After just one listen you will be both hooked and intrigued.

Sweet John - Dear

It's a sweet song from Taiwanese group, Sweet John, a group that has already gone viral among the young generation in Taiwan. They're nominated for "Band of the Year" for this year's Golden Melody Awards (aka the Taiwanese Grammys).

Daniel Caesar - Too Deep To Turn Back

This is an underrated track which taken from surprise album of Daniel Caesar which features Pharrel Williams and John Mayer. This record is a follow-up of "Freudian", that brought Caesar success on couple of music charts with a music that known as “Adult R&B.”

Samuel Wullur - Home, Gurl

Samuel Wullur possesses one of those minimalist and addicting DIY vibe in his second single, "Home, Gurl". Also known as vocalist of Bekasi based indie-rock group, Indigo Moire, he decided to be more experimental and come up with different type of genre in this solo project. "Home, Gurl" itself tells the story of two lovebirds from different country which forced to have a long distance relationships and the desire of the man to be everything his partner needs through thick and thin.

Gym and Swim, Sunset Rollercoaster - Dont Leave Me Behind

Thailand based electro pop band, Gym and Swim, recently released their new single, “Don’t Leave Me Behind” which features Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster. The song takes the 80’s electro pop as an influence, including the slow jam and the saxophone solo. This track is taken from their new EP, “Amazing Pingpong Show”.

Mafia Pemantik Qolbu - Last Man

It's one of the best indonesian Indonesian song released in June, "Last Man" is guaranteed to give you the feels, as the track swells with its melodic guitar and vocals that tries to fill the little spot in your heart that feels like it will never be able to heal.

Black Horses - Martyr

"Martyr" is the riff-heavy debut single from Jakarta based classic-rock group, Black Horses, which brought back the spirit of rock in 70s era. Putting out what is essentially classic rock in 2019 is challenging without either feeling too nostalgic or making gimmicky attempts to spice things up. But with their love affair with classic rock, they're successfully delivering a powerful dose of 70s-fueled rock and roll.