Musicians Who Catapulted To Fame Through Youtube | Article by Indie Accent


Musicians Who Catapulted To Fame Through Youtube

Writer Wicaksono Gitawan

Cover Image from Atwood Magazine

Have you ever thought to yourself, how many hours you have spent on Youtube since you discovered the video-sharing website? All in all, you probably allocated loads of your time on it.

The new generation is lucky enough to have such simple platform to explore many kinds of entertainment, such as music. Many musicians then successfully seized the opportunity and gained an advantage by promoting their materials on the site. The “Recommended Videos” tab that you can find easily while watching a video may sometimes lead you straight to new and fresh music. For this reason, we present to you 6 musicians who successfully earned their fame through Youtube.


Boy Pablo

We start the list off with the then-unknown Norwegian musician Boy Pablo. The band has that lo-fi sound that somewhat radiates Mac Demarco’s jangly guitar and vibes. Maybe you have noticed it before, if you often search for lo-fi or Dream Pop music on the platform, Boy Pablo’s Everytime always pops up on your “Recommended Video” tab while you’re watching a video. After many times that you saw the thumbnail of this young guy with his short pants, pink hoodie, and funny looking guitar, you probably felt curious enough that you clicked on it and thank yourself because you found an absolute hidden gem..


Claire Cotrill, better known as Clairo, appeared out of the bloom with a song called “Pretty Girl”. Dreamy synth-pop blended with a simple music video. The video shows Clairo, in her bedroom recording on her webcam while lip-synching to the music on her everyday clothing and sings about changing for someone else. Clairo, a now-viral internet sensation successfully promotes the spirit of being yourself and gave a positive way of thinking for its viewers.

Gus Dapperton

This is probably the first thought that came to your mind when you see Gus for the first time, an edgy guy with bowl-cut hair-do that looks like your everyday hipster. You may have underestimated him at first, but the guy produces his materials all by himself. He records the instruments, sings, and even done the mixing himself. We can say that Gus Dapperton is a smart musician that makes exciting music that invites us to interpret his music in our way, thus, making it more appealing to the masses..

Sunset Rollercoaster

Sunset Rollercoaster is one of the Taiwanese hidden gems. The Youtube algorithm works its magic again with the “Recommended Video” constantly recommending their song called “My Jinji” when searching for music on Youtube. On the positive side, we can all agree that the internet has helped Sunset Rollercoaster in reaching wider audiences across the globe because according to one interview, the band itself did not realise that their materials became an internet sensation outside their homeland Taiwan. The group broke the boundaries of music writing with the juicy riff, memorable lyrics, and epic build up..


We can all agree that Barasuara is one of Indonesia’s most ambitious supergroup. The group is a project of already known musicians in the local music industry that came from a different musical background, hence, making their material more well-crafted and appealing to the ear. The project started off in 2011, but they got their break on Youtube via Sounds From The Corner’s Sessions in November 2014 just before they released their first album “Taifun” in 2015.

Rich Brian

Homegrown rapper Brian Immanuel or Rich Brian (formerly known as Rich Chigga) is now a well-known superstar that blasted through the roof since uploading his “Dat $tick” music video on the tube. The “polo shirt and fanny pack” look, hilarious video, mixed with some well-crafted beats and simple “in your face” lyrics even earned him massive street cred from Rap veteran Ghostface Killah. He also re-recorded the song with him and rose to stardom by moving to the United States and signing to record label 88Rising.