Noisewhore Live: Mitski Event Review | Article by Indie Accent


Noisewhore Live: Mitski Event Review

By Valerie Dante

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For the very first time, singer Mitski visited Jakarta during the "Be the Cowboy: Tour" tour held by the Noisewhore collective on Wednesday (20/2) at Rossi Musik Fatmawati. This sold-out show was opened by Monica Hapsari x Psychobiji who was equally charming. With her 6-songs charming set, Monica Hapsari was accompanied by stunning visuals which featured oil paint games that were emitted through the OHP (Overhead Projector, red.)

Mitski, accompanied by her touring band, bring her 21 songs from the album "Retired from Sad, New Career in Business" and her latest critically acclaimed "Be The Cowboy" in wonderful 2 hours set. She present a theatrical appearance, from walking back and forth to the end of the stage while performing"Francis Forever", to her infamous "swan" style on "Geyser". Not infrequently, the amazed audience competed to shout praise to Mitski on the song break even though Mitski herself said that she had not heard their shouting because of her in-ear monitor, but she still appreciated the enthusiasm of the audience. Like when the song "Nobody" was played, the wall of the hall of Rossi's music echoed because the audience's singing and the floor were a little swaying considering the tickets were sold out, indicating the audience also felt the emotions Mitski channeled through the song she sang.

Witnessing Mitski Live in Jakarta directly provides a new experience in watching concerts for some of the audience, because the choreography and distinguish performance experience from her during the set took place, even the 28-year-old singer brought a chair and used knee protectors to support her appearance on stage. Not surprisingly, many have included the album "Be the Cowboy" in their 2018 album of the year list given the impressive appearance performed by Mitski.